Solar charger for electric car Volvo has amazing design and portable

August 29, 2013 – 01:01

volvo-v60-pure-tensionCars electric can be environmentally friendly and economically responsible,but are not necessarily known for their design "flashy".Volvo is trying to change that by presenting a new portable electric charger for your electric car.

The stately charger,which looks a little like a flower futuristic,has a inner truss filled with solar panels to capture sunlight from all angles.The charger can fill an empty battery in 12 hours.

The outer boot is made ​​from carbon fiber flexible ,which gives its shape folding.But the best part is that the charger is completely foldable and weighs the same as a tent and sun thanks to its material,can be folded and stored in minutes.

The Swedish car company joined the SDA engineers to develop the charger and they plan to present the device in September.The charger was the model winner of a competition sponsored by Volvo.

However Volvo has no plans to launch the product to consumers.123456 Instead,a press release issued by the company asserts that the Volvo claims to represent "the same vision of energy efficiency and sustainability as the V60."

The V60 is the new hybrid from Volvo ,which is being touted as "perfect match" the images that promote charger portable electric company.The car reportedly can reach 250 miles per gallon using an engine that combines electricity with diesel.However the model will not be available on the market until 2014.

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