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Injuries-one of the main reasonsInjuries-one of the main reasons for the temporary incapacity for work, the duration of which varies from 21 days to a few months. Accidents, injuries and poisonings remain one of the major causes of mortality in the population. This group accounted for 14.6% of the dead. For the 11 months of 2001, the number of accidents has increased in comparison with the previous year by 6%. The largest increases were alcoholic poisoning (20.2%), accident (3.2%).

15:44 08.01.2002

Samara Oblast. 7 January in the Samara House actor was awarded best Theater province.

“Samara theatrical Muse” for the last year has put on weight. She corrected herself on 8 kilos. This was announced at the annual awards ceremony, 7 employees of Melpomene. Cherished figurine today changed not only your weight but also the form. Now is a winged creature on a marble pedestal. This is the creature was awarded to 10 nominations. However, personally carry out the stage difficult Muse turned out not at all. Maria Tarnogradskaa, recognized as the best dancer of the year, not claimed. Show “used and abused” the Samara drama theatre brought the reward of three actors: Vladimir Borisov in the nomination “best actor”, Anastasia Svetlovoj-Lebedeva and Alexei Fokinu in the category “Young Artist main roles”. Special Prize in the nomination “best actor” went to actor Theatre “Monday” Andrew Brednikovu. Best Director is recognized as the Moskvich Adolph Shapiro, placed on the stage of Samart play “mother courage”. However, the nominee of the awarding of the provincial Muse. Shapiro was the only holder of the figurines are not living in the capital of the province. All other 9 muses got Samara artists. However, the small handwriting note that actors from Syzran and Togliatti, invited on stage only to declare winners, GTRK Samara.

15:44 08.01.2002

Krasnoyarsk region. Elected deputies of the Legislative Assembly awarded mandates.

Injuries-one of the main reasons

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