Solar Charger Battery iPhone

SOLIO Universal Solar Charger Action Classic

August 29, 2013 – 01:00

San-X Rilakkuma Relax Bear Solar Charger Backup Battery iPhone 4S

Solio ® Classic ™ solar mobile charger users across the globe, which combines high efficiency solar panels and high-capacity battery in one, for gathering and storing energy, and really with all portable electronic device compatibility. Use Solio ® Classic ™ charger is very simple, plug cable, press the button. Is the most stable, reliable, and will not harm the life of the solar electronics charger action. Built-in device to prevent overcharging and short circuit protection product safety.

Set Solio ® Classic ™ charger can replace all your chargers. Just replace the connector, ready to use, rechargeable cell phone, iPhone, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones SmartPhone, PDA, MP3, iPod, GPS global positioning system, digital cameras and mobile game consoles.

Placed directly under the sun via solar panels charge, both free and environmentally friendly! Also to the wall, through the power charge.


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